Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Number 1 - Create A Blog!

Ok, this one is an easy start, your looking at it!

 So why and how can you make money from making a blog?

 Why make a blog? Well it's easy, fast, get adsense revenue, AND almost as important, it can provide traffic to other things you have going on. You will see what I mean as we progress.

Not quite. First, to actually make money from adsense you need to have people visit your blog and click on the adsense links. So that means creating new posts on your blog and putting some links to your blog from other websites.

 I have actually created 5 blogs in total, meaning every week I just need 5 things to ramble on about. I have also submitted the links to those blogs at the following directories:

 Also I will interlink the blogs too. What this means is putting a link in one blog, to another blog. Like this interlink. This also boosts the search engine ranking of the sites. As long as you don't go overboard and start spamming. Spam = Bad!

...I just had a crazy idea of doing 100 blogs, and doing a blog called my 100 blogs, all about them. Then I thought, no, screw that....I have bigger fish to fry.

Money From Blogs: $0.00

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