Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Number 2 - Join Squidoo

 What's Squidoo? Squidoo is an article creation site that pays it's members revenue share and affiliate share for good performing 'lenses'.

A 'lens' is almost like a blog, but it is just one page. You create a page about any topic you like , as long as the topic doesn't violite their policy.

 What can you expect to earn from squidoo? Well, it's slightly complicated... but I will try to simplify it:

Accross the whole site, money made from advertisments is collected into a pot, and split with members.
If a lens you make ranks within the top 80,000 lenses, then you get paid the 3rd tier level. If it falls within the top 60,000 it earns the 2nd tier, and under 30,000 it gets the full 1st tier.

 How easy is it to get into the top 80,000? It's actually not too difficult, you just need to spend a bit of time on your lens. My recommendation is that it's better to make one good quality lens then 10 poor ones.

 That is not the only way to earn though from squidoo. You can also earn from affiliate products like ebay and amazon modules. So whenever a person buys something through the lens you create, you will earn a commision from that sale.

 Finally you can include your own affiliate products too and of course links to other sites or blogs you have. This all helps add to your traffic, both from direct and from google.

Of course you can create as many lenses as you like, but like I say, try to stick with quality rather than quantity.

Visit Squidoo at:

Money From Squidoo: $0.68

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