Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Number 3 - Cashback Sites

Next on my list is cashback sites. With cashback sites you basically get given cash back for buying stuff through their site. But more importantly you can actually do some free stuff and get cash back. Although doing the free stuff doesn't earn nearly as much if you buy stuff.

 But the aim is to make money, not spend it. Sure maybe if I really need to buy something then I would consider buying through a cashback site. In fact I did set up my bank through www.TopCashBack.co.uk and got a whopping £60! And it didnt cost me anything to set up or run. Anyway...

 With the free things to do, you can actually earn anything up to £4 which considering its free is pretty good. Most the time though it will be clicking on links or whatever and earning around £0.04 per click or search. There is usually a limit to the number you can do per day though. (btw I am actually from england, so every so often I will be talking in pounds...)

 What I don't want to end up doing is doing stuff that takes up a lot of my time. Ideally I want things that will eventually run themselves. But I think by using a bunch of cashback sites I could get $1 per day fast, while all my other things are running in the background. Maybe just spending 5 mins every day...

 I realise at this point I am going to need some kind of daily system in place and a checklist. Then it's just a case of ticking them off as I go about my day.

 Here are the cashback sites I am signed up with:

 Money from Cashback: $2.72

Previously earnt: $103.86

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