Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How To Make Money Online?

The other day I was thinking... what if I could just find 100 ways to make $1, every day? That would be a pretty nice income for someone that has absolutely no qualifications or decent job prospects. 

I also thought, if I can make $100 from one hundred things a day, what would stop me from making $200?

 So the aim of this blog is to share the 100 ways I have found that I will be doing to try and reach $100 each and every day. Sounds simple enough...

Summary of Progress

Start Day: 28th February 2011

So, the plan is to get 100 things making me $1 per day. I have already prepared a plan of attack and my thinking now is that I will have to provide a monthly summary.

 The other point is that it will probably take a little while to get established and that getting started is going to the the toughest part. We shall see.

Earnings To Date: $3.40

Number 1 - Create A Blog!

Ok, this one is an easy start, your looking at it!

 So why and how can you make money from making a blog?

 Why make a blog? Well it's easy, fast, get adsense revenue, AND almost as important, it can provide traffic to other things you have going on. You will see what I mean as we progress.

Not quite. First, to actually make money from adsense you need to have people visit your blog and click on the adsense links. So that means creating new posts on your blog and putting some links to your blog from other websites.

 I have actually created 5 blogs in total, meaning every week I just need 5 things to ramble on about. I have also submitted the links to those blogs at the following directories:

 Also I will interlink the blogs too. What this means is putting a link in one blog, to another blog. Like this interlink. This also boosts the search engine ranking of the sites. As long as you don't go overboard and start spamming. Spam = Bad!

...I just had a crazy idea of doing 100 blogs, and doing a blog called my 100 blogs, all about them. Then I thought, no, screw that....I have bigger fish to fry.

Money From Blogs: $0.00

Number 2 - Join Squidoo

 What's Squidoo? Squidoo is an article creation site that pays it's members revenue share and affiliate share for good performing 'lenses'.

A 'lens' is almost like a blog, but it is just one page. You create a page about any topic you like , as long as the topic doesn't violite their policy.

 What can you expect to earn from squidoo? Well, it's slightly complicated... but I will try to simplify it:

Accross the whole site, money made from advertisments is collected into a pot, and split with members.
If a lens you make ranks within the top 80,000 lenses, then you get paid the 3rd tier level. If it falls within the top 60,000 it earns the 2nd tier, and under 30,000 it gets the full 1st tier.

 How easy is it to get into the top 80,000? It's actually not too difficult, you just need to spend a bit of time on your lens. My recommendation is that it's better to make one good quality lens then 10 poor ones.

 That is not the only way to earn though from squidoo. You can also earn from affiliate products like ebay and amazon modules. So whenever a person buys something through the lens you create, you will earn a commision from that sale.

 Finally you can include your own affiliate products too and of course links to other sites or blogs you have. This all helps add to your traffic, both from direct and from google.

Of course you can create as many lenses as you like, but like I say, try to stick with quality rather than quantity.

Visit Squidoo at:

Money From Squidoo: $0.68

Number 3 - Cashback Sites

Next on my list is cashback sites. With cashback sites you basically get given cash back for buying stuff through their site. But more importantly you can actually do some free stuff and get cash back. Although doing the free stuff doesn't earn nearly as much if you buy stuff.

 But the aim is to make money, not spend it. Sure maybe if I really need to buy something then I would consider buying through a cashback site. In fact I did set up my bank through www.TopCashBack.co.uk and got a whopping £60! And it didnt cost me anything to set up or run. Anyway...

 With the free things to do, you can actually earn anything up to £4 which considering its free is pretty good. Most the time though it will be clicking on links or whatever and earning around £0.04 per click or search. There is usually a limit to the number you can do per day though. (btw I am actually from england, so every so often I will be talking in pounds...)

 What I don't want to end up doing is doing stuff that takes up a lot of my time. Ideally I want things that will eventually run themselves. But I think by using a bunch of cashback sites I could get $1 per day fast, while all my other things are running in the background. Maybe just spending 5 mins every day...

 I realise at this point I am going to need some kind of daily system in place and a checklist. Then it's just a case of ticking them off as I go about my day.

 Here are the cashback sites I am signed up with:

 Money from Cashback: $2.72

Previously earnt: $103.86

Number 4 - Peer to Peer Loans! COOL

Now this one has really got my interest.

 Basically there is a site for people in the UK that allows you to loan money out to other people. Ok it may sound risky, but actually its exactly what banks do everyday and is their main source of revenue. Plus the site I am joining does full credit checks and grades borrowers on catagory ratings based on their credit score.

 I would recommend lending to the A* and A rated borrowers, even though you will get less interest back on your money, it is much safer. Since defaults on this range are only around 0.5%

 This means you can expect a return of around 6-7% APR! Also I would suggest to loan out for the maximum period since actually these are less likely to default, and is what most normal people would shy away from. We want to be doing what most people do not do simply because of the supply and demand relationship. i.e. there is a reason why only 5% of people are rich! Because they do things most people do not do.

Heres the website:


Money from Zopa: $0.00